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Company: Davenport Contracting, Inc.
Location: Stamford
Posted on: November 22, 2021

Job Description:


The company motto is: DELIGHT THE CUSTOMER.

The expectations of the position are:

Time Management.

-- Know the hours budgeted to complete the task.

-- Know the crew around you and what they are capable of producing.

-- Review your performance and the job progress with the site supervisor/foreman regularly.

-- Time management is a team effort!

Material management.

-- Understand the plans. Know how components are put together in a quality and cost-effective way.

-- Work with the Site supervisor/foreman to help order materials and supplies several days ahead to avoid costly lumberyard runs.

-- Warn about problems with Supervisor before they arise so we can take appropriate action if possible.

-- Give warning for lead-time items.

Tool management.

-- Know and have all necessary hand and light power tools required to perform each carpentry task. See attached personal tool listing.

-- Each carpenter must have their own tools and continue to upgrade or acquire tools whenever the task requires them to do so.

-- Warn the Site supervisor/foreman on special tool/equipment requirements that Davenport Contracting, Inc. may have to supply before they arise.

-- Keep all personal and DCI tools in good and safe working order.

-- Report and mark off broken DCI tools for repair or replacement.

-- Return all DCI tools in safe and workable condition at the end of their use (or the end of the job). This is also to include all attachable parts etc. pertaining to each tool.

-- With their permission, keep to a minimum borrowing tools from other tradesmen. Never borrow tools or equipment from the Owner.


-- Know what the subcontractors are doing in each area of work. Review this work with the site supervisor/foreman ahead of time.

-- Never provide labor for any sub-trade without approval from Supervisor. Time is money!!


-- Be courteous to Owner and their neighbors whenever they are around the job site. Expect their visits at any time.

-- Defer any site or project questions from Owner to the Site supervisor/foreman.

Design decisions.

-- We are not design professionals. However, clients are paying us for the benefit of our collective knowledge. Any valuable suggestions on building design or their components need to be brought to the Site Supervisor/foreman for review prior to installation. Never discuss design changes, esthetics or structural items with Owner/Architect.

Changes in Work.

-- We expect changes in our business. Clients and Architects expect us to help them get the best value from each project.

-- Let the Project Manager answer whether a charge will be given.

-- Help keep track of labor changes in time sheets. (See time sheet)

-- Changes in the work do not begin without a written signed change order and verbal approval from Supervisor.

-- Never discuss pricing with the Owner/Architect and sub-trades.


-- The company and our clients depend on and expect professional courtesy.

-- Subs and crew members need to be reminded that we are on private property.

-- The field office needs to be kept neat and papers put away.

-- Sensitive conversations need to be held in appropriate place.


-- Responsible to help protect the clients and the rest of the crew. Make sure the project site remains safe at all times.

-- Constantly improve safety conditions on the site.

-- Remove all personal and DCI power tools with cords at end of each work day. Store all power tools etc. in selected and secure tool area. (Never leave tools plugged into power outlet).

-- Cover all holes, barricade all open areas that pose a risk to others.

-- Take down and or store all personal and DCI equipment in selected and secure equipment area at end of working day.

Job site set-up.

-- Participate in mobilizing the job, set up the trailer/office location, telephone/fax and power hookup, temporary toilet, water, dumpster, tools and parking.

-- Help in placement of temporary fence/protection, silt or hay bales and Call-Before-You-Dig for utility markings.

-- Walk through with the site supervisor/foreman to help mark out demolition items and save/protect items.


-- Lay out and coordinate the work with the Site supervisor/foreman: This is to include all rough and finish carpentry phases.

-- Help shoot benchmarks and elevations with transit and pole.

Daily Tasks.

-- Have a thorough knowledge of the following building component systems with the ability to install;

-- Foundation forms.

-- Framing; Wall, floor and roof systems.

-- Exterior window and door installations in either masonry or wood construction.

-- Exterior trim systems such as; eave, rake, cornice, cornerboard, columns, pilaster, railings with posts, wood decks, etc.

-- Roofing methods for asphalt and wood systems.

-- Flashing details at both roof and sidewall applications.

-- Siding systems such as: Clapboard, shingle, board & baton, shiplap, stucco, paneling, etc.

-- Interior door installations for knocked down, pre-hung and retro fit units.

-- All phases of interior carpentry; Baseboard, casing, ceiling mold, wall paneling systems etc.

-- Installation of all types of cabinetry with field knowledge of cabinetry construction.

-- Sheetrock and wonderboard methods of installation.

-- Patching with installation of complete finish wood floor systems.


-- Participate to receive deliveries when additional manpower is needed.

-- Help verify from the order sheet that sizes and quantities are as ordered.

-- Notify the Site supervisor/foreman immediately if deliveries are not as ordered.

-- Sign for all delivery tickets with a clear signature and job name and keep in office for Supervisor inspection.

-- Help place material for storage in an approved, convenient and safe place.

-- Help maintain a list of miscellaneous future items needed to avoid costly lumber yard runs.

Security and Clean up.

-- Participate in making sure that the site is safe and secure every night and weekend.

-- Make double sure that children and pets cannot be hurt while we are away from the site.

-- Block off entrances, barricade drop-offs, check that owner's electrical items are in working order.

-- Thefts or injuries are to be reported immediately. Notify Supervisor of any injury immediately.

-- Do not allow injuries to go unattended. Make sure the supply kit is full at all times.

-- No one works alone unless approved by Supervisor.

-- A clean job is a safe job. Every person cleans up after his own work every day.

Work Rules.

-- The Work Rules Policy (attached) is taken very seriously, and it applies to all subs and our own crew. The primary concern is always with our men and our clients, along with their neighbors. Safety and courtesy are the guiding rules in this business. Enforcement when needed, will be reinforced by the office when reported.


-- Keep personal business (calls) to a minimum. (See Work Rules). Abuse of the telephone will not be permitted.

-- Site phone is off limits to sub-trades unless approved by Supervisor.


-- Have your own vehicle for getting to and from varied projects.

-- Have a valid Driver's License.

-- Willing to use own vehicle to pick up tools, misc. lumber and equipment in extreme circumstances.

Work Hours.

-- No sub-trades or crew work on project site without Supervision or prior authorization.

-- Normal working hours are 7:30 to 5:00, Monday through Friday.

-- Work begins at 7:30, so arrive before that to set up and arrange the work day.

-- There is a 15-minute coffee break in the morning and -- hour lunch break at mid day. Actual time is selected by Supervisor. All lunch to be brought to site. Travel to and from Deli (etc) to get lunch to be part of lunchtime allotment.


-- Each day, each carpenter who worked on the project, fills out their own accurate weekly timesheet. The correct hours worked in specific work phases listed on the timesheet beside the right cost code need to be completed.

-- The Supervisor will verify and sign for the right hours turned in for his workers each day.

-- Supervisor will fax all timesheets to the office for payroll process on Monday morning, prior to 9:00 AM. so everyone will get paid on time.

-- All timesheet hours must be "punched" in appropriate areas with times clearly showing, all time accounted for and totaled properly to be valid. If your timesheet is not filled in completely and properly or have addition mistakes you run the risk of having your weekly paycheck postponed to the following week pay period.

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